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Legal Q & A

Informational articles published in the
NH Library Trustee quarterly newsletter

Legislation & Lobbying (Spring 2022)
Financial Matters and Library Premises Control (Spring 2021)
Library Budgets (Winter 2020-21)
Managing the Library’s Budget and Finances (Fall 2022)
Alternate Trustees (Fall 2020)
Building a New Library? You May Have Some Questions (Fall 2021)
Construction Projects – Who’s in Charge (Fall 2018)
Difficult Trustee Board Member (Summer 2018)
Figuring Out MOUs (Summer 2023)
Storing Library Records (Spring 2019)
Book Bans, Catalog Requests, Patron Checkout Records (Winter 2022-23)
Inter-municipal Agreement or Library Cooperative (Winter 2021-22)
Preventing Sexual Harassment (Spring 2018)
Reopening During Pandemic (Summer 2020)
Reopening, Masks and Vaccines (Summer 2021)
Spring Cleaning (Spring 2023)
Volunteers and the Law (Spring 2017)
Background Checks (Winter 2019-20)
FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) (Winter 2016-17)
Librarians: Are they at-will employees? (Spring 2020)
Management of Personnel Files (Winter 2017-18)
Public vs Non-Public Session (Summer 2019)
Right to Know Law and How it Affects You (Summer 2022)
Right-to-Know and Confidentiality (Autumn 2017)
Right-to-Know Law and Email (Summer 2017)
Sealed Meeting Minutes Procedure Change (Fall 2023)

The information contained in the articles provided on this page is not intended as legal advice.