Budget Finance Workshop

August 9, 2022
Presentation Slides: Bill Gould (retired), Trustee Chair & Treasurer, Whipple Library, New Boston
Presentation Slides: Tod Fabian, Director, Concord Library
Presentation Slides: Jennifer McCormack, Director, Nashua Library
Treasurer - Bookkeeper description and duties
Workshop Q&A

Trustee Orientation Workshop

June 13, 2022
Presentation Slides PDF
Right to Know Non-Public meeting procedure template


Trustee/Library Director Relationship Workshop

October 17, 2018
Workshop Slide Presentation
Evaluation Review Process - Barrington
Evaluation Review: 3 months - Barrington
Self-Evaluation: 3 months - Barrington
Staff Input Evaluation: 3 months - Barrington
Hiring: Application Scoring - Barrington
Hiring: Interview Questions - Deerfield
Hiring: Interview Questions - Holderness
Hiring: Job Description - Deerfield
Hiring: Job Description - Holderness
Hiring: Job Description - Milford
Hiring: Job Posting - Deerfield
Hiring: Job Posting - Milford
Hiring: Phone Interview Questions - Milford
Hiring: Phone Screen Interview Form - Holderness
Hiring: Process Checklist - Connecticut
Hiring: Questions to ask references - Deerfield
Library Board vs Director Roles/Responsibilities - Iowa
Library Jobs: where to advertise position openings

Virtual Roundtables

Video and Notes
Video from January 27, 2021 meeting
Video from September 22, 2020 meeting
Notes from September 22, 2020 meeting
Notes from April 24 & 28, 2020 meetings
Notes from May 28 & June 4, 2020 meetings

Other Workshops

Golden Rules for Board Members ALA tipsheet #11 Tools for Trustees
Memorandum of Understanding sample from Barrington Public Library
Custodian Job Description sample from Barrington Public Library
Personnel Management 2014 workshop presentation
Library RSAs - An Employer's Perspective 2014 workshop presentation
Complying with the Right to Know Law Summary 2014
INFORMATION on Right-to-Know law including Non-Public meetings form
Youth Employment FAQs: information about employing minors, NH Dept of Labor
Code of Ethics  presented at Orientation workshop
Co-op List networking among NH libraries
Evaluate Board Meetings  presented at Orientation workshop
Volunteers: Best Practices for NH Libraries, NHSL (rev 12-2019)
Right to Know (RSA 91-A) NH Department of Justice (rev 3-20-2015)
Working as a Team for the Board & Director presented at Orientation workshop

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