Trustee/Director Relationships Workshop
By the Book: Best Practices for a Successful Trustee/ Director Relationship

The first step in achieving a successful trustee/director relationship is for all players to  understand their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NH Library Statutes. Then the trustees and their library director must determine how to carry out those responsibilities as a team, with the ultimate goal of delivering great service to their communities. Mutual respect, open communications and agreement on goals and objectives are key to ultimate success. This workshop explored all these elements and then applied them through discussion of real-life scenarios.

The workshop was held November 5, 2019. Download SLIDES and HANDOUT.
Presenter: Lara Croft Berry has been the director of the Langdon Public Library in Newington for the past five years, working with a five member board plus two alternates. She also served as a trustee and board chair at the Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library in Epping. Lara holds an M.Ed. degree and is a MLIS Candidate at the San Jose State University. She is a member of the NHLTA Board and can be reached at
Discussion panelists:
Bert Saul has been an alternate trustee at the Holderness Free Library for 2 years and serves on the NHLTA Board. He received his MLS from Simmons in 2007 and was the Corporate Library Director at an engineering consulting company for 12 years. Before moving to NH a few years ago he was on the Executive Board of the Massachusetts Library System. If you have questions, contact Bert at
Susan Young Gaudiello, M.Ed., MBA, is the president of NHLTA and served on the trustee board of the Barrington Public Library for 12 years, serving as secretary and chair. She was also a town selectman for two terms. If you have questions, contact Susan at