The approved minutes of the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are available for you to read. We hope that the minutes will provide insight into the work that the directors do to achieve the mission of the NHLTA and will help you have a better sense of belonging to the association.
The Board of Directors generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the NH Municipal Association (NHMA), 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord. Association members are welcomed. If you plan to attend a meeting, please contact Marcia McLaughlin.

Minutes - 2021-2023

2023 MINUTES                                                2022 MINUTES
01-04-2023 NHLTA minutes                             01-05-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes 
02-01-2023 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes            02-02-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes 
03-01-2023 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes            03-02-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes  
04-05-2023 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes            04-06-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes 
05-03-2023 NHLTA virtual mtg minutes            05-04-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes      
05-09-2023 Annual meeting minutes                05-10-2022 Annual meeting minutes
06-07-2023 NHLTA virtual mtg minutes             06-02-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes 
07-2023 no Board meeting                               07-2022 no Board meeting 
08-02-2023 NHLTA virtual mtg minutes             08-03-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes  
09-06-2023 NHLTA minutes                              09-07-2022 NHLTA minutes  
10-04-2023 NHLTA virtual mtg minutes             10-05-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes  
11-01-2023 NHLTA virtual mtg minutes             11-02-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes
12-06-2023 NHLTA minutes                              12-06-2022 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes

2021 MINUTES      
01-06-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes    
02-03-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes   
03-03-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes  
04-07-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes 

05-05-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes    
05-21-2021 NHLTA virtual Annual mtg      
06-02-2021 NHLTA virtual Mtg minutes      
07-2021 no Board meeting                      
08-2021 no Board meeting                         
09-01-2021 NHLTA Virtual Mtg Minutes    
10-06-2021 NHLTA Virtual Mtg Minutes   
11-02-2021 NHLTA Virtual Mtg Minutes    
12-01-2021 NHLTA minutes