Saturday, October 21  •  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Gorham Public Library
, 35 Railroad Street
The workshop will begin with Orientation for new trustee and a refresher for seasoned trustees who will have the opportunity to share thrie experiences. After a short break, the final hour will be devoted to personnel management skills, including hiring and evaluation of staff and the role of volunteers.

The following topics will be presented and there will be time available to answer your questions.
  • NH Laws Relative to Public Libraries
  • Library Trustees—A Job Description
  • Establishing Policies for the Library
  • Budgets—The Process from Adoption to Management
  • Trustee Meetings and the Right to Know Law
  • The Trustee as Library Advocate
  • Personnel Management--Trustees as employers
ONLINE REGISTRATION only. Deadline to register is Wednesday, October 11. The workshop is free. Bring a bag lunch is you wish. Beverages will be proveded by NHLTA.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Tentarelli or Susan Gaudiello.


Beginning in June, NHLTA will be sponsoring regional meetings for trustees around the state. The purpose of the sessions is to foster networking among trustees on topics of common concern.

In March, NHLTA surveyed members on their interest in such gatherings and the response was an enthusiastic “YES!” Among the topics of greatest interest were strategic planning, creating and updating library policies, conducting the library director evaluation, technology developments, fundraising for big projects, and recruiting new trustees.

Trustees, Alternates, Friends, and Directors are welcome to attend any and all of these gatherings.

June 12 • Weeks Memorial Library Lancaster
The series of regional gatherings throughout the state began at the Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster on a Monday evening. Thomas Ladd, an independent consultant who also serves on several NHLTA committees, spoke about “Creating Policies That Work”, focusing on designing well written policies. NHLTA Director Marty Davis also attended and participated in the discussion. This group of fourteen attendees from seven libraries expressed interest in future meetings.
June 16 • Dublin Public Library
The Monadnock regional gathering was held at the Dublin Public Library at noon. Nine libraries were represented by the fifteen attendees, including two library directors. There was an indepth informative discussion about stragetic planning and long-range planning plus issues of outreach to the community and hiring requirements and practices. NHLTA Directors Adele Knight and Connie Kirwin guided the discussion and provided resource suggestions. From the four corners of the Monadnock area—Goffstown to Marlborough, Antrim to Wilton—everyone enjoyed the opportunity to network with colleagues from neighboring libraries.
July 13 • Wilmot Public Library
The upper valley area gathering was held at the Wilmot Public Library, (2016 NHLTA Library of the Year) on Thursday afternoon. Eight towns were represented with 16 trustees and 4 directors. The discussion facilitated by NHLTA Director Liz Tentarelli, covered many topics including working with volunteers, building renovations and repairs, concern about historic preservation, programs and community engagement, Makerspace, and technology. The meeting concluded with each person relating what they valued most about their library.
September 21 • Rodgers Memorial Library, Hudson
The southern area trustees gathered at the Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson. The main topic of discussion was focused on strategic planning and evaluation of the long-term library director.  NHLTA Directors Susan Gaudiello, Ed Moran, and Conrad Moses helped guide the discussion and answers questions. Thanks to Library Director Charlie Matthews for his assistance in coordinating the meeting.
September 28 • Moultonborough Public Library
Eleven trustees, a library director, and a Friends group member from 5 libraries in the lakes region met at the Moultonborough Public Library. Topics of discussion included fundraising and Friends groups, outreach to specific patron populations such as children, teens, and seniors and the latest developments in technology. Library director Nancy McCue and NHLTA director Mary Castelli facilitated the meeting. 
October 12 • Durham Public Library
Nine trustees and a director from 8 Seacoast and Rochester Area libraries met at the Durham Public Library. After a tour of this beautiful library, the group had an indepth discussion about the process of hiring a new library director. NHLTA Directors Susan Gaudiello, Conrad Moses and Mary Castelli facilitated the meeting. The group has already decided to meet again in March 2018 at the Kingston Community Library. NHLTA will announce the date and time on this website and the NHLTA Listserv.
October 25 • Epsom Public Library
7:00 pm
Thank you SILC region co-op for suggesting a joint trustee/library director meeting to be held at the Epsom Public Library at 1606 Dover Road (Route 4). Discussion will be focused on topics relating to hiring a new director, the need for an MLS, personnel changes that libraries have experienced, and other related issues. Susan Gaudiello, NHLTA President, will lead an open forum discussion. NHLTA Directors Janice Clark and Mary Castelli will also attend. The meeting is open to other library trustees in the area who may have an interest.

Please RSVP to Nancy Claris, Director, Epsom Public Library or Susan LeClair, Director, Elkins Public Library, Canterbury.